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Gabdrashitova R.G., IP

About enterprise Gabdrashitova R.G., IP

RG GABDRRASHITOVA is a company selling deer, as well as natural food products without food additives. We supply animal meat from the ecologically clean region of the country, purchased directly from hunting farms. Implemented by us in separate parts or as a whole carcass of venison. Chelyabinsk is the city in which our central office is located.

We offer wholesale venison. We also implement:

    trophies (deer horns);

Deer meat - the main product of our company - today is very popular among many people on the planet, especially among the indigenous peoples of the North. Its demand is easily explained by the low calorie content, as well as delicate and juicy taste. Such meat can be recommended even for metabolic disorders and vitamin deficiency. Thanks to the moss, a plant that constitutes the staple food of the deer, the meat acquires special antimicrobial properties, which makes it completely safe for health. This is a product that can be safely eaten even without prior heat treatment.

Today, venison cooks various meat dishes: sausages, meatballs, etc. By-products are also recognized as a valuable delicacy: kidneys, liver, heart and tongue, used for a variety of snacks.

Purchased from us venison wholesale is accompanied by all the necessary quality certificates with the findings of sanitary services. Ordering the necessary goods from us, you get the highest quality at a brilliantly competitive price. We cooperate with both individuals and various enterprises and institutions of the food industry. The latter will be especially beneficial bulk purchases, because they allow you to purchase the desired product in the required amount. Our consumers are restaurants, hotels, motels, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing a first-class natural product, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full list of products offered on this site. Our entire range is characterized by excellent quality indicators and reasonable cost. If you highly appreciate venison and the dishes that can be prepared from it, rather see for yourself that the price for wholesale venison is competitive and one of the most democratic in the country.



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